Consultants Bio
Associate Dean and Professor
College of Human Sciences
Iowa State University, USA

Linda Serra Hagedorn is Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, International Programs, Student Services, Diversity, and Community in the College of Human Sciences and Professor in the School of Education at Iowa State University.  She is a prominent researcher in the area of community college student success with over 200 publications and presentations.  As the Director of International Programs at Iowa State, she is also highly involved in international education. Dr. Hagedorn has extensive international experience beginning with her initial work in Vietnam as a Fulbright Specialist at AnGiang University (2003).  She subsequently has been a researcher and collaborator in China, Indonesia, Russia, Korea, Spain and Vietnam.  She is on the advisory board of international universities in both China and Iran.  As the past president of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) and Vice President of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Dr. Hagedorn has a rich history of leadership.

Included in her long list of funded projects is the leadership and founding of the American Cultural Center at Henan Normal University in Xinxiang China; funded through the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassy

Professor Emeritus of Sociology
California State University, Fullerton – USA

Dennis Berg is a Professor Emeritus of Sociology, California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). He obtained his Ph.D. of Sociology from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. At CSUF since 1970 his experiences include both teaching and administration; professor of sociology; coordinator environmental studies; director, social science research center; co-founder and associate director of the center for demographic research; department chair, sociology; associate dean, college of humanities and social sciences; university associate vice president for academic and international programs; campus accreditation officer; and dean of graduate studies. 

Since 1985, he worked with institutions of higher education, in Asia and SE Asia; China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Awarded the Vietnam National Medal in Education by the Ministry of Education, Vietnam. Dr. Berg has a 45 year record of research activity; community based, policy oriented applied research in criminal justice, community based organizations, urban planning and environmental studies. He has been awarded two Fulbright awards, a Ford Foundation position, and a Vietnam Education Foundation award. Dr. Berg has been a workshop facilitator/presenter throughout Asia and Southeast Asia on topics such as teacher training, leadership development, and higher education management.

Resource Persons Bio
Prof. Dr. Hafid Abbas
Chairperson, National Commission of Human Rights
 the Republic of Indonesia
Professor, Faculty of Education State University of Jakarta

Hafid Abbas is currently the Chairperson of the National Commission of Human Rights, the Republic of Indonesia, and a professor of education at State University of Jakarta, Indonesia. He is also currently an active columnist at the Jakarta Post, Bangkok Post and various international media. He was the Director General/Head of the Agency of Research and Development on Human Rights, Ministry of Law and Human Rights (September 2006 – October 2010). In 2008, as recognition of his contribution to promote and protect human rights in Indonesia during its most crucial period of transition from thirty two years of authoritarian rule to a democratic system, he was awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree (Dr HC) on Human Rights and International Peace by Hartford Seminary, Connecticut, USA. He was the Director General of Human Rights Protection, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (2001-2006). He was a former UNESCO International Consultant in Asia and the Pacific Region, former World Bank Team Leader for Education Reform in Indonesia. Visiting Professor/Speaker at: (i) Harvard University, USA (October 2006, October 2007), (ii) Columbia University, New York (October 2007), (iii) University of Connecticut, USA (October 2006), (iv) University of Melbourne, Australia (July 2006), (v) McGill University, Montreal, Canada (May 2006), (vi) Institute of Human Rights, University of Oslo (April 2005), (vii) Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, (March 2001). He was the former Deputy/Vice Minister for Ministry of Human Rights Affairs (1999-2001). He obtained a Doctorate Degree in Education from State University of Jakarta (1990) which was followed by Post-Doctoral Studies in Technology of Education at Syracuse University, New York, USA. (1991).

Prof. Dr. Ester Lara-Raagas
Director, Xavier University Research Center
the Kinaadman Research Center (KRC)
Professor, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan

Ester Lara-Raagas is a full-fledged professor of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan and the Dean of the Graduate School of the same university for nine years. At present, she is the Director of Xavier University Research Center, the Kinaadman Research Center (KRC).
She has an extensive exposure to teaching Basic and Advanced Statistics, Measurement and Evaluation, Research, Quantitative Analysis, Information Analysis and Math courses. Her works include the following:  (1) Handbook on Introductory Statistics (2) Operation Manual For Data Analysis (3) Advanced Data Analysis Manual, a Simplified Approach (4) êGrading System for Basic and Higher Education and (5)Assessment & Evaluation of Student Learning: Concepts & Applications.  She has conducted a number of teacher-trainings both face-to-face and online and various researches on problem and project-based learning. She is an advocate of authentic forms of assessment.
She finished her undergraduate in education with a major in Mathematics and Physics, a master’s degree in Statistics from the Statistical Center, UP Diliman under the NEDA scholarship program, and earned a Ph.D. under the Faculty Development Program of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.  She wrote her dissertation on Computer Programming.