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Establishing Three New SEAMEO Regional Centers in Indonesia

The 45th SEAMEO Council Conference convened in Cebu – Philippines (January 28, 2010) has approved the three new SEAMEO regional centers including SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics, SEAMEO QITEP in Science and SEAMEO QITEP in Language.


Opening Ceremony of the MA inApplied Linguistics Program - Intake 1

The opening ceremony of the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics Program – Intake 1, jointly conducted by Curtin University of Technology, Australia, and SEAMEO RETRAC, was organized at SEAMEO RETRAC on March 08, 2010, with the participation of 51 students.


Professor John Morgan as the new Chair of the UK National Commission for UNESCO

Professor William John Morgan FRAI FRSA was appointed the new Chair of the Board of Directors of the United Kingdom National Commission (UKNC) for UNESCO on 1st February, 2010.


British Council as SEAMEO Affiliate Member

The recent 45th SEAMEO Council Conference in Philippines has approved the British Council as a SEAMEO Affiliate Member.


Workshop on Teaching English to Young Learners

The five-day workshop on “Teaching English to Young Learners” conducted at SEAMEO Regional Training Center (Vietnam) and supported by the Regional English Language Office in Thailand and the the US Conculate General in Ho Chi Minh City commenced on March 1, 2010.


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