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When can I join the internship or study tours?
Regular programs are often provided in the summer. However, they can be customized according to your time and needs. 

What can I benefit from an internship or study tour?
You will gain first-hand experience from living and working in a foreign setting. This opportunity will sharpen your knowledge and skills, develop your international understanding and networking, and, last but not least, help seek relevant jobs in the future.

In order to join an internship or study tour, what should I prepare in advance for it?
You should prepare your profile, and IDD will do the rest. Details will be discussed in detail, and in some cases, on a case-to-case basis.

What about the cost?
The cost will definitely be affordable as the major goal of these programs is to enhance international cooperation and partnership.

What overseas study services are offered?
You will be guided step by step until you get the visa to study at your chosen destination. Our services include:

  • Counseling;
  • Admission application;
  • Visa application, accommodation and flight booking;
  • Pre-departure preparation;
  • Departure; and,
  • Post-arrival services (a channel closely-tied between the institution and your family).

What if I don’t have the required English proficiency?
There are two ways for you to choose.
You can choose to apply for an ESL course in a foreign country and then apply for an academic course when you meet the required English score.
You can choose to study English in Vietnam (preferably at SEAMEO RETRAC as it has successful English preparation programs for overseas study, especially in test-taking skills). Please bear in mind English requirement is a strong factor in visa processing.

When should be the suitable time for me to apply?
Most programs require students to apply at least one semester ahead of time. In addition, for competitive or popular programs, the sooner the better. See program brochures or school websites for precise application deadlines.

How long is usually the visa application?
Visa application procedures vary depending on the country you are applying. Usually, going to Australia and Singapore would take 8 weeks, to Canada 12 weeks, to UK 14 days and to the US 2 days.
By all means, you need to prepare your personal documents carefully. SEAMEO RETRAC can assist you in this.

Can ESL students get a visa?
Yes, if all the questions raised by the visa officer are answered satisfactorily in which you would prove, besides others, a right intention to go to study and a strong reason to return upon completion of your study. Usually, an ESL course followed by the acceptance of an academic program from the foreign institution should be a good choice.

What is an I-20? What is an F-1 (student) visa?

An I-20 is an official document issued by an educational institution. It certifies that the student has been accepted into a full-time program at that school and that the student has submitted documented proof of having sufficient funds to pay for his/her educational program. The school does not issue visas. The student takes the I-20 to the US Consulate General or Embassy in his/her country to apply for a student visa (F-1).

Can I apply for a part-time study?
No, it is compulsory for international students to apply for a full-time study.

Can I do a part-time job during my study overseas?
Doing part-time jobs is the best way to support your finance when you study abroad. Besides that, you also get real-life experiences. However, the time permitted for you to work varies from country to country. It is usually from 15 to 20 hours a week. You are not allowed to do a part-time job if you are studying an ESL course. However, you can find different types of part-time jobs provided that this kind of job does not affect your studying results.

What is a 2+2 program in the US?

A 2+2 program in the US means you study the first two years at a community college and the last two at a 4-year university to complete your Bachelors degree. The reason to have the first two years in a community college is mainly the cost as a community college charges much lower tuition than a 4-year university. Community colleges provide two-year associate degree programs as well as excellent technical and vocational programs. Transferring to a 4-year university is not a problem as community colleges usually have stronger ties with their state’s universities.

Where can I find information about financial aids?

You can find the information on websites of relevant colleges/universities/Ministries of Education/Embassies/Consulates/or education promotion agencies.

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