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Division of Education (DoE)

DoE annually conducts a variety of training and research on educational leadership and management not only for Vietnam but also for other countries in the region. Training modalities include: seminars, forums, training courses, workshops, school visits and conferences.

Division of Education aims to become a high-quality international institution, focusing on training, information dissemination and research in education and educational management at graduate and lower levels in close collaboration with foreign institutions.

Through collaboration with local and international institutions and agencies, we are committed to the preparation and professional development for educational administrators and practitioners in the region by
  • Implementing joint training programs in education and educational management;
  • Designing and implementing educational projects to promote equality in education, especially for under-privileged people from remote areas;
  • Disseminating information about and Introduce successful models in teaching and educational management through international seminars, workshops and conferences to tackle issues in education and educational management confronted by local institutions and those from other countries in the region.