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Soft skills training

The series of workshops aimed to infuse participants with needed life-skill teaching methods, provide guidance on how to design and organize life-skill practices in a comprehensible manner.

Soft skills training courses offer participants with an opportunity of
    • Obtaining knowledge and skills for training soft skills of  students of their institutions;
    • Updating effective teaching methods for soft skills training at schools, universities and colleges;
    • Learning effective methods for developing and organizing inside and outside class activities for soft skills training for students; and,
    • Developing and updating instructional materials relating to soft skills training.
  • Target participants:
    • Lecturers of universities and colleges, teachers of secondary schools, leaders of students associations and labor unions and those who are of interest.
  • Duration:
    • Each course includes three modules and is opened every month. Each module of training is conducted within five full days of training
  • Venue of training: SEAMEO RETRAC – 35 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.