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Division of Education (DoE)

DoE annually conducts a variety of training and research on educational leadership and management not only for Vietnam but also for other countries in the region. Training modalities include: seminars, forums, training courses, workshops, school visits and conferences.


Training Programs

The Division of Education directs its efforts on education and educational management issues by offering a wide range of training programs and integrating different training modes for aspiring educational professionals and educators. These programs are designed with attention to quality, community outreach, research culture development, exchange and cooperation in education in response to the needs in the South East Asian region and beyond.


Educational leadership and management

The goals of educational leadership and management training courses are to prepare educational leaders and provide them with knowledge, skills and attributes of educational leadership and management for their professional jobs.


Soft skills training

The series of workshops aimed to infuse participants with needed life-skill teaching methods, provide guidance on how to design and organize life-skill practices in a comprehensible manner.


Customized courses

In addition to periodical training courses, a wide range of training courses in leadership and management designed and customized to meet the particular needs and interests of institutions and agencies are also conducted by the Division.


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