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Faculty Exchange

SEAMEO RETRAC always welcomes the presence and work of interns and faculty and staff members from different parts of the world. They help share their experiences and expertise with SEAMEO RETRAC staff as well as educational professionals in Vietnam, strengthen the international spirit, and enrich the content of teaching and learning at the center. In return for this, interns and faculty members enjoy a good working environment, and a sound introduction of the language, people and culture in Vietnam through cultural events, sight-seeing trips and unique cuisine.

Apart from welcoming interns and faculty members from overseas, SEAMEO RETRAC also encourages its teaching and non-teaching staff to participate in the exchange programs at the institutions around the world. This helps provide SEAMEO staff with an international working environment and opportunities to learn how to study, live and work confidently and independently in a foreign setting. This also helps strengthen solidarity and cooperation with SEAMEO RETRAC partner institutions and organizations, paving the way for standardizing operations and practices, diversifying training activities, and implementing future collaboration and partnership.