Message from SEAMEO RETRAC Board of Directors

Warmest greetings from SEAMEO RETRAC Board of Directors!

Vietnam, re-admitted as a SEAMEO Member Country on February 10, 1992, by the SEAMEO Council, hosts the SEAMEO Regional Training Center (SEAMEO RETRAC) in Ho Chi Minh City. SEAMEO RETRAC started its very first operations in October, 1996. Since its founding, the Center has experienced its share of successes as well as difficulties and lessons. It has, however, in the end, seen the development of a full-fledged regional center with all the responsibilities, opportunities as well as challenges in the wake of globalization and internationalization. The Center has successfully implemented the policies set by the SEAMEO RETRAC Governing Board as well as creatively initiated plans and activities for itself serving the needs of its immediate communities and the region at large. Its combined collective activities serve to enhance international cooperation and assistance throughout the region and beyond.

With the mandate approved by the SEAMEO Council to focus on educational leadership and management, SEAMEO RETRAC has conducted various training activities in the aforementioned fields. Initially, the Center started with an extremely humble background of six staff and a small number of activities.  For 16 years of tireless efforts, the Center has increased the number to more than 60 staff members, most of whom are qualified and experienced professionals. In addition, it has constantly thrived and developed various activities such as training, research, community service, international cooperation and exchange, and information exchange. It has made a great contribution to improving and enhancing competency and capacity of numerous teachers, administrators and leaders in the field of education not only in Vietnam but in and outside the region (like for Afghanistan and Bangladesh) as well. In particular, the Center also pays special interest in such sub-fields as quality assurance and accreditation, classroom management, program and school administration, teacher and student assessment, and application of ICT to teaching and management, to name a few.

Central to its core activities are the sharing of case studies and building of good models for management and teaching and learning which are easy to adapt and apply, especially in remote, disadvantageous areas so that administrators, managers, teachers and students can understand and learn to help themselves improve their schools and their lives.

To fulfill its mandate and accomplish its functions, SEAMEO RETRAC has to look outside searching for possible sources of income as specified in the SEAMEO Charter and the SEAMEO RETRAC Enabling Instrument. One of the successful endeavors is the implementation of the English language training programs, mostly in the evenings, to serve the needs of the community. These programs have been known as one of the most prestigious English training institutions in Ho Chi Minh City and the country. It is no doubt conducting these income-generating activities not only serves the demands of the society but also helps create free educational programs and services for the region and Vietnam, especially for the remote areas.

We would like to thank the SEAMEO Council and Secretariat for their policies, support and assistance, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training and its units for their leadership and facilitating all the paperwork and conditions for the Center’s development, the Governing Board for its guidance and support, and all the local, regional and international institutions and individuals for their cooperation and assistance. Especially, the Center is very grateful to the leaders of MOET over times since the beginning, who have supported the Center in any possible ways by creating favorable mechanisms for the office building, staff development and autonomy. Last but not least, our gratitude goes to all the staff members, currently at work or in retirement, whose commitment and contributions are of no question.
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With what has been done for the past few years, SEAMEO RETRAC is proud of all its achievements and successes. The Center also looks back to learn lessons and experiences from itself as well as from others. More importantly, it will look into the future with the aim of becoming a leading regional center “dedicated to human resource development through educational leadership and management for a better life and society”. 


SEAMEO RETRAC Board of Directors