About us


The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) is a regional intergovernmental organization established in 1965 among governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science and culture in the region.
As an organization that has continued to nurture human capacities and explored the peoples’ fullest potential, the SEAMEO maintains its work and aspirations for development with peoples of the region to make lives better in quality and equity in education, preventive health education, culture and tradition, information and communication technology, languages, poverty alleviation, and agriculture and natural resources.
The organization's highest policy-making body is the SEAMEO Council, which comprises the 11 Southeast Asian education ministers. The SEAMEO Secretariat is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Vietnam, re-admitted as a SEAMEO Member State on February 10, 1992, by the SEAMEO Council, hosts the SEAMEO Regional Training Center (SEAMEO RETRAC) in Ho Chi Minh City. The Center started its very first operations in October, 1996.


To be a center of excellence in education in Southeast Asia and beyond.


To assist SEAMEO Member Countries in identifying and addressing issues of education.

In cooperation with local and international organizations, SEAMEO RETRAC carries out such activities as:

  • training;
  • research and project development;
  • accreditation and quality assurance;
  • language testing and assessment;
  • development and promotion of models and best practices in education;
  • national and international cooperation development;
  • consultancy and information dissemination;
  • personnel and student exchange for educational, scientific and cultural purposes;
  • community outreach and development.


SEAMEO RETRAC assists SEAMEO Member Countries, especially Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam, to identify and tackle problems of leadership and management in education at all levels. SEAMEO RETRAC directs its efforts on educational issues by undertaking innovative, relevant programs through research, training, consultancy, and staff exchanges and by fostering regional and international partnerships and by engaging in other related activities within and outside the region. In addition, SEAMEO RETRAC offers language training, teacher training, information communication and technology (ICT) and other training programs customized to the learners’ needs.

Training approaches

  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Interactive, informal and hands-on experience sharing, practical learning and case studies
  • Innovative learner-centered
  • Flexible and cost-effective

    Future activities

    SEAMEO RETRAC focuses on upgrading its educational programs and services to a high-level standard in connection with local and foreign institutions, and on expanding the participation of learners and practitioners within and outside the region. To this end, activities will include: 

    1. Disseminating the use and management of ICT and new approaches to teaching and learning in education, particularly basic education;
    2. Evaluating educational management needs of the region through fact-finding from needs analysis and surveys;
    3. Designing creative and adaptable training programs, courses and conferences to bring to wider visibility identified issues in current education management theories, practices and policies, on a regional and international scale; and,
    4. Assisting educational administrators, researchers and practitioners in the development and implementation of improved educational management policies and practices.

    Furthermore, SEAMEO RETRAC will continue to assist in human resource development of the region and foster mutual cooperation and partnership with the wider world by:

    • Researching and surveying educational management issues;
    • Conducting seminars, workshops and conferences on regionally specific issues related to SEAMEO RETRAC core thrust in educational leadership and management;
    • Networking with related organizations/agencies and establishing linkages to serve the aforementioned goals and objectives; and,
    • Developing a series of customized training courses for human resource development in various sectors.


    Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, SEAMEO RETRAC is the ideal venue for local and international events for all the educational activities. It is well-equipped with over 40 spacious, air-conditioned lecture and meeting rooms. In addition, it is also furnished with language labs, an advanced computer lab, a library and an international conference hall which houses up to 150 people. Recently, SEAMEO RETRAC has installed and put in use a video teleconferencing network to develop e-Learning activities. Accommodations are provided upon request.

    Organizational structure

    The Center is staffed by qualified professional, administrative and service personnel working in the following divisions and departments:

    • Division of Education
    • Division of Foreign Studies
    • Department of International Development
    • Department of Personnel and Legal Affairs
    • Department of Planning and Finance
    • Department of Research and Project Development
    • Department of Administration
    • Department of Quality Assurance and Branding
    • Library and Information Center
    • ICT
    • Annex 2

    In addition, experts from donor governments, international organizations and exchange programs from affiliated countries complement the permanent faculty and staff under partnership agreements.

    SEAMEO RETRAC Governing Board Members

    1. Dr. Shamsiah Zuraini Kanchanawati Haji Tajuddin
      Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA)
      Universiti Brunei Darussalam
      Ministry of Education
      Brunei Darussalam

    2. Mdm Ton Sa Im
      Under Secretary of State
      Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports
      Kingdom of Cambodia

    3. Dr. Muhammad Hatta
      Head of Center for Education and Training
      Ministry of Education and Culture

    4. Mr. Thongmanh Souksengchanh
      Deputy Director General
      Institute for Education Administration Development
      Ministry of Education and Sports
      Lao PDR

    5. Mdm Hajah Serina Sauni
      Aminuddin Baki Institute
      Ministry of Education

    6. Dr. Khin Maung Oo
      Yadanapon University
      The Republic of Union of Myanmar

    7. Ms. Maria Lourdes D. Pantoja
      National Educators Academy of the Philippines
      The Philippines

    8. Mrs. Chua-Lim Yen Ching
      Executive Director
      Academy of Singapore Teachers
      Ministry of Education

    9. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Piniti Ratananukul
      Secretary General
      The Office of Higher Education Commission
      Ministry of Education

    10. Dr. Deolindo da Cruz, MPA
      National Institute for the Professional Teacher Training
      Ministry of Education

    11. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Vang
      Director General
      International Cooperation Department
      Ministry of Education and Training

    12. Dr. Ho Thanh My Phuong
      (Ex-Officio Member)
      SEAMEO Regional Training Center

    13. Dr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto
      (Ex-Officio Member)
      SEAMEO Secretariat

    SEAMEO RETRAC Board of Advisors

    1. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nhung
      General Secretary of Council of the Country’s Professorship
    2. Mr. Tran Ba Viet Dzung
      Director General
      International Cooperation Department
      Ministry of Education and Training
    3. Prof. Dr. David Wood
      Deputy Vice Chancellor, International
      Curtin University
    4. Prof. Nguyen Cong Thanh
      THT-International Center for Education Development
      Da Lat City
    5. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Quang Minh
      Deputy Director
      National University - HCMC
    6. Mr. Pham Ngoc Thanh
      Deputy Director
      Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training

    SEAMEO RETRAC Leadership

    1. Dr. Ho Thanh My Phuong
    2. Mr. Doan Xuan Bang
      Department of Administration
    3. Ms. Le Thi Thuy Duong
      Department of Personnel and Legal Affairs
    4. Mr. Nguyen Tan Hung
      Department of Planning and Finance
    5. Ms. Trinh Thi Hoa My
      Division of Foreign Studies
    6. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang
      Deputy Dean
      Division of Foreign Studies
    7. Dr. Dang Van Hung
      Senior Academic Expert 
    8. Dr. Do Thi Hoai Thu
      Division of Education
    9. Mr. Dinh Gia Bao
      Deputy Dean
      Division of Education
    10. Mr. Tran Phuoc Linh
      Research and Project Development